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UK edition

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The Lives of Others is published on 22 May by Chatto & Windus, and in the USA on 1 October by W.W. Norton & Company.

‘Neel Mukherjee has written an outstanding novel: compelling, compassionate and complex, vivid, musical and fierce.’ — Rose Tremain

‘A devastating portrayal of a decadent society and the inevitably violent uprising against it, in the tradition of such politically charged Indian literature as the work of Prem Chand, Manto and Mulk Raj Anand. It is ferocious, unsparing and brutally honest.’ — Anita Desai

‘Searing, savage and deeply moving: an unforgettably vivid picture of a time of turmoil.’ — Amitav Ghosh (

‘Very ambitious and very successful. … One of Mukherjee’s great gifts is precisely his capacity to imagine the lives of others. … The whole of this world is brought to life with great skill … there are no longueurs, and no lingering on the text’s own cleverness, just extraordinary tact in knowing what we need to see and understand as we read. … Neel Mukherjee terrifies and delights us simultaneously.’ — A.S. Byatt, The Guardian

‘Neel Mukherjee has given us a picture of India that cuts through history, social classes, and regions but centers on a nouveau pauvre family. Every scene is rendered with a Tolstoyan clarity and compassion.’ — Edmund White

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